Please note: Due to the nature of this project, specifics and full graphics have been withheld by request of the client.

As a requirement for a sales pitch, graphics that clearly displayed how a project proposal works was required. This project was aimed at solutions for hazardous industrial work and each graphic had to be clear, concise and conveyed the idea of the project to those reading the sales pitch.

As this project dealt with data-related solutions, it was a requirement to have more technical diagrams showing clearly how the data would be handled.

This was to assist a heavy-text description so didn’t require to explain the system alone. Simply to give a visual representation of the intended solution of the project.

Visualizations of what each member of the team would be doing was required, with specific details such as a touch-screen lid to a case. This was expanded upon in the full document.

The graphics went through a number of iterations due to the changes in project development over time.

A data flow was requested that shows how the data will be handled, along with a list of equipment that each P.P.E wearer would have.

The data flow needed to display exactly how the system would work with the data and in which order, it was also a requirement to be done with existing brand colours and logos included.