Li’l Uns us an arts and crafts brand specializing in customized prints for bathrooms and special family events. The brand is aimed primarily at gifts for families, new parents and those with pets. The designs are for e-commerce: selling on websites such as Etsy and Not on the High Street, and in craft fairs in stalls.

Design assets were required to show the different options for bespoke prints, along with mockups of the prints hanging in bathrooms. The logo required a redesign for a more modern look.


Li'l uns Logo Main

The Li’l uns logo required a redesign for a more modern look. As the brand is aimed at families the logo needed to be friendly and colourful. The colours were pre-selected and were a requirement for the logo.

The three logos above were created from initial drafts, with the first of the three being used for the final logo. Each logo was vectorized in Illustrator for use in any size.

Li'l uns Logo-Draft 1
Li'l uns Logo-Draft 2

There are over forty different variations to chose from from the Li’l uns catalogue, each design with any of the four colours needs to be clearly shown as available to customers. There also needs to be an option for custom-created designs at an added cost.

The catalogue was created in Indesign from scans of each hand-drawn option. Samples of the four colours were also scanned in for a separate display.

Bathroom Mock image Li'l Uns

For e-commerce, mock-ups of the prints hung up on walls to show where the product is intended to be used. This requires one mock-up of the prints in a bathroom, one closeup with the optional frames and mock-ups of the prints with each coloured mount board.

The mock-up above was created with a royalty free image and Photoshop, while the image to the right was created from scans of each mounted print combined in Photoshop.