Major Projects.

Technical Drawings – Sales Pitch

As a requirement for a sales pitch, graphics that clearly displayed how a project proposal works was required. This project was aimed at solutions for hazadous industrial work and each graphic had to be clear, consise and conveyed the idea of the project to those reading the sales pitch.

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Li’l uns E-Commerce

Li’l Uns us an e-commerce arts and crafts brand specializing in customized prints for bathrooms and special family events. The brand is aimed primarily at gifts for families, new parents and those with pets.

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More Projects.

C&A Campaign Preview

Social Media Campaign

This social media required graphics for use on the medical tech company – Equivital’s social media including infographics, cover photos, competition announcements and Christmas related illustrations.

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Lucky Kicks Logo

Lucky Kicks Logo Development

This logo is for a sports related gambling website, the concept for the logo was to combine imagery of luck with sports in a simple and clean fashion.

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