With several years of international experience in interactive design and media, both previously and during my time studying Media Production, I have recently graduated and am eager to develop my career in the industry. Having worked on design, animation and camera work for the past decade I know this is a passion I’m eager to turn into a career, I am very driven and like to bring creativity and originality to all my projects, previously I  have worked both independently and in small teams, often in some quite challenging locations. As well as creative experience I have also worked in retail and the hospitality  trade so I am confident at working and communicating with clients to find the best solution.

I have a huge passion for travel and have been lucky enough to go to some incredible places including time spent with charities in the Amazon and Africa and photography projects in India and China. I also took the opportunity to spend 5 months in the USA while studying, I hope to one day be able to travel as part of my career and relocating within the UK or beyond would be a great bonus. During my spare time I enjoy working on restoring my classic Mini Cooper, and am often found sketching, producing games and flash animations, something I have enjoyed since my childhood, I also have some pretty outstanding origami skills.